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A4000 parts

bulletExpansion board $59



bullet A2058 Commodore 8Mb memory expansion fully populated $79
bullet2Mb Commodore A25000 RAM expansion fully populated $39
bulletA2000 case with 2 floppy drives (no PSU) $99



bulletPower supply (heavy duty 60W) suitable for A1200 $59



bulletA500 KS1.2 or KS1.3, includes 1MB memory, disks and mouse $199
bulletPower supply 60W (robust version): about the weight of a brick. This version tends to last longer than the lighter version. Power output is the same $59
bulletMemory expansion 1/2Mb with clock $29





Floppy Drives

bullet3.5" internal floppy drive 1.76 MB high density $199
bullet3.5" external floppy drive (all models) $59
bullet3.5" external original drive A1010 (large) $49
bullet3.5" internal floppy drive (A4000/3000/2500/2000/1200/500) $59
bullet5.25" Original internal drive (A4000/2000) $59
bullet5.25" Vdrive External drive with pass-through $99


Mice & Joysticks

bulletMouse master (manual) Switch between mouse and 2 joysticks (2 port model) $39
bullet Joysticks with & without micro switches, auto-fire or multi-buttons from $10
bullet Zoomer The ultimate Amiga aircraft simulator joystick $79
bullet Quickjoy Topstar joystick excellent quality $99
bullet Mroocheck mouse adaptor. Use your PC mice on your Amiga Just plug it in and go $49


Kickstart ROM's (populate your ROM switcher)

bulletKS1.2 for A500 & A2000 $20ea
bulletKS1.3 for A500 & A2000 $20ea
bulletKS3.0 for A4000 (set of 2) $30
bulletKS2.04 for A3000 (set of 2) $30
bulletKS3.1 for any machine (new & original) $99



bullet2.5" to 3.5" IDE cable $39 (or 2 for $69)

bulletAUI to RJ45 (twisted pair) ethernet adaptors for commodore 2065 & Quicknet network cards. Includes 4 status lights. Connect your Amiga into your home network! Just connect and start using $59
bullet2.5" cable with 3 connectors (ideal for 2 drives or copying from drive to drive) $49


SCSI controllers

bulletGVP HC+8 SCSI controller 8MB RAM & HD $149
bulletGVP HC+8 SCSI controller 8MB RAM (no HD) $99



SCSI-3 68 pin cable with 3 connectors and 1 (LVD) active terminator $59


CD ROM drives

bulletSCSI Pioneer DVD 10x CD 40x $99
bulletSCSI Yamaha CD-RW 24x Read 8x Burn RW 8x $99
bullet SCSI Lacie Read 32x Burn 12x RW 4x $99



bullet16 Mb 72 pin SIMM $29ea
bullet4 Mb 30 pin SIMM $19ea
bullet1Mb 30 pin SIMM 9 chip parity $5 ea
bullet1Mb 30 pin SIMM 8 chip non-parity $10 ea 
bullet 256x4 bit x (8) = 1Mb RAM chips $30/MB


Floppy Disks

bullet3.5" 880Kb Double Sided Double Density (DSDD) disks (recycled) 120 for $60
bullet3.5" 880Kb disks DSDD (recycled) $1 ea
bullet3.5" 880Kb disks 2S2D (10) still new in boxes $15 (out of stock)
bulletIncludes some original games disks, PD disks, cover disks, blank disks, etc...
bulletCan be used as 800KB Mac DS DD or 720Kb 2S 2D IBM disks as well


Hard drives

bulletIDE 2.5" 6 GB hard drive $99.00 


bulletSCSI 3.5" 68 pin hard drive 4 GB $99
bulletSCSI 3.5" 68 pin hard drive 18 GB Barracuda $149
bulletSCSI 3.5" 68 pin hard drive 36 GB Cheetah 10K $199
bulletSCSI 3.5" 68 pin hard drive 73 GB Cheetah 15K $249
bulletSCSI 3.5" 68 pin hard drive 146 GB IBM $349


bulletSCSI 3.5" 80 pin SCA hard drive 9 GB $49
bulletSCSI 3.5" 80 pin SCA hard drive 18 GB $99
bulletSCSI 3.5" 80 pin SCA hard drive 36 GB $149
bulletSCSI 3.5" 80 pin SCA hard drive 73 GB $199
bulletZip disk power supply $49



bulletAmiga A520 modulator $49
bulletMonitor cable DIN 6 pin to 23 pin video $49
bulletMonitor cable DIN 8 pin to 3x RCA $49
bulletMonitor cable 9 pin D connector to 23pin video $49
bulletMonitor cable SCART to 23 pin video $59



bullet68882 FPU (Floating Point Unit) for maths PLCC (without pins) $49
bullet68882 FPU PGA (with pins) $69


Serial card

ASDG  Serial card 2x 9 pin external serial connectors 7.37 Mhz crystal 115K speeds $99


ProMIDI (Hisoft Microdeal) Interface with manuals, disk and in box. Connected via serial port. 4 MIDI connectors on back (In, Thru and Out x2). Works on A1200, A4000 and A600 $59


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